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Bike4U Inc.
Any Street 123
1000 Any Town
Tel. 011 555 44 22

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Company profile
Company profile
“Bike4U" was founded in Lucerne in 1963 by Peter Wheeler, under the name "Peter Wheeler Fahrräder". After Peter Wheeler retired in 2008, his son Michael (Mike) Wheeler took over the company.
“Peter Wheeler Fahrräder" was a traditional bicycle shop that was mainly engaged in repairing bicycles. Occasionally Peter Wheeler also sold bicycles. Before his retirement, business was not going so well. Wholesalers have put cheap bicycles on the market. Often a repair of such a bicycle was no longer worthwhile.
2005 was the breakthrough of e-bikes. Peter Wheeler, who was about to retire, could not keep up with this technology. But his son Michael had another perspective. He just completed his apprenticeship as a multimedia electronics technician. While he was not interested in the bicycle business before, he suddenly was fascinated by the bikes. However, it was clear to him that he did not stand a chance against large providers. So he was looking for a new business idea.
A neighbour helped him to find the perfect concept. Once a week she rented an e-bike from the Wheelers. She did not need it regularly and did not want to buy her own. Mike bought five e-bikes for the time being and rented them mainly on weekends. The breakthrough came with an inquiry from a company that wanted to rent 20 e-bikes for a whole weekend. With his last money Mike bought another five e-bikes and borrowed the rest from a friend, who was a retailer.
Thanks to the order of the company his offer became known and so he was able to rent out his e-bikes continuously. He then renamed the company to "Bike4U".
With targeted advertising on social media and word-of-mouth recommendation, Mike Wheeler now employs 15 employees 100% in the areas of consulting, sales, workshop and 5 employees who take care of ordering and customer service. In 2018, the company expanded to Laax and in 2021 a site in Meiringen will be opened.
The bicycle/bike park includes 300 e-bikes and 500 conventional bikes and bicycles. The offer also includes transport trailers, which bring the rental objects to the desired location.
The initial contact is usually made via the Contact Centre. In principle, the Contact Centre can make the booking directly. For larger events a personal consultation (to work out the details) takes place.

Company philosophy
“Bike4U" is characterised by high quality and adherence to delivery dates. Our customers order from us because they appreciate our reliability, service and quality. Furthermore, "Bike4U" is known for its friendly and uncomplicated customer service. Many, partly long-time employees are proud to work for "Bike4U" and do so with heart and soul.
Our motto is: Bike4U - "your perfect bike"!
Target/customer groups
The target group: Small businesses, large companies, hotels, clubs, schools, event agencies, private individuals.
Quality standards   
Our conversations are started in a unified manner.
Inbound: “Welcome at “Bike4U”– first name, last name..."
Outbound: „My name is – first name, last name – from Bike4U…“
Our customers are our most valuable asset. We communicate in a friendly, polite and conflict-free manner.
 We take complaints seriously and compensate the customer with a gift for any inconvenience caused. Additional discounts will be discussed with the supervisor.
We use our questioning technique in a targeted manner and actively listen to the customer.
 The emotions of our customers are important to us and we respond to them.
 Our motto "Bike4U - your perfect bike" should be tangible for the customer. For this reason, consultation is particularly important. Every customer should receive the bike that meets his/her needs.
 Conversations are summarised and are only ended when the customer's concern has been resolved.
 We address the customer by name or in the usual norm of the foreign language, for example in English with "Madam" or "Sir".
Compensatory gifts PDF >
Short-term rentals:
10.00 to 50.00 voucher (maximum 50 percent of the rental price)
 Long-term rentals/"Become a rental partner":
100.00 to 500.00 voucher (maximum 50 percent of the rental price)
 Waiver of one month's rent - from a rental period of at least 6 months (after consultation with a superior)

Group events:
Reduction of the rental price up to a maximum of 10% for group events
 Reduction of the rental price up to a maximum of 20% for group events
 (after consultation with a superior)
 Gift voucher for one day free e-bike (standard e-bike) for one person
Waiver of the exchange fee
advertising mail

Every customer is offered the opportunity to register for the newsletter.
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